KopSHTICK Freeing Palestine Lands Over 22,000 Views!

At Toronto’s UJA walkathon, the Neturei Karta and their Pals were up to their demonstration debauchery, trying to interrupt the fun with their problematic protesting. But never fear, KopShtick was here!

Seizing the moment, KopShtick quickly realized that an uncomfortable situation is the perfect time for… making people crazy!

And that’s exactly what ensued.

Posting the video on Facebook, 50+ people immediately shared the post, bringing the view count to 6,000! Then SimchaSpot, an Instagram page, got wind of it and they posted the video to their page and it reached 15,596 views, beating the “Nikolsburg Rebbe giving a Brachos,” to become the second most viewed video on Simcha Spot of all time!

It currently sits behind the most ever watched video on Simcha Spot, “A Seder Fit for a King,” by only 333 views! Share away!

The video can be seen here!


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