KopShtick stars in Shlomo Simcha Music Video: Run For Chai!

Famed Jewish singer Shlomo Simcha decided to pay tribute to his father, who left this world a year ago, by donating his money and his time to Chai Lifeline, an organization assisting terminally ill Jewish children with support, medication, food, equipment, toys, a community, and an amazing Camp experience.

The well-known cantor chose to partake in Chai Lifeline’s annual Miami Marathon to raise awareness and money for the organization. But he did it in his own unique fashion: He created a song, Run For Chai, to promote the marathon journey for people to learn he was running and raising money.

And in order to showcase his new tune he enlisted the help of KopShtick to help him produce and star in Run For Chai’s music video. KopShtick plays the role of the Rock-inspired coach, helping Shlomo on his way to get in marathon shape. The result? See for yourself by watching the video above!

“What a fantastic opportunity to help out three causes that I love: Camp Simcha, Shlomo Simcha, and giving music videos tons of simcha!” KopShtick gushed.” “I hope I get to work with Shlomo again soon! He’s actually an incredible performer, and not just musically. Watch the video and look at his facial expressions, he really gets it!”

Shlomo runs as part of the Team Cohen group of runners and fundraisers, who boast in the video that they have raised over $600,000. They are led by none other than Mitchel Shore.