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Exclusive: KopSHTICK T-shirt

Wear your Shtick with proud enthusiasm! This fully cotton KopSHTICK t-shirt will be sure to delight or annoy all of your friends and loved ones. Available while supplies last.

Exclusive: KopSHTICK Mug!

What better way to wake up in the morning than with KopSHTICK’s mug on yours?! The energy infused into each cup will guarantee an exciting and awake start to your day. Because when you need a kickstart to go with…

Exclusive: KopSHTICK Hat

Now you can show off the face of your favorite Jewish music superstar on your head for the world to see! And if it happens that you can’t get the Shwekey hat then get this KopSHTICK one instead! Best suited…

A Phone Call From KopSHTICK **WOW**

For $50 you can have KopSHTICK himself call you or someone you know and have a recording of the moment to last a lifetime! Want to hear how KopSHTICK is feeling? Want to tell him how you are feeling? Want…

All About SHTICK

Also My Shidduch Resume

In case you’re wondering “Who is this guy?”
(Don’t worry, the judge asked the same thing),


I make songs. Perform them, too.
I write funny stuff for newspapers, TV shows, and video skits.
I host/MC/badchan at weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs.
And I am an unsolicited advisor, a.k.a. I stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, a.k.a. I’m Jewish!

So, enjoy the site. Have fun, and stay happy!

To contact the KopShtick team for any reason whatsoever just send a message here and we’ll get back to you within 2 days, honest!
(Unless it’s a 3 day yomtov…)

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Wanna send fan mail? Wanna have KopShtick at your Simcha?
What?? You do?? Are you nuts?? Oh you are…? Sorry ’bout that.

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