A Phone Call From KopSHTICK **WOW**

$50 plus applicable long distance rip off charges

For $50 you can have KopSHTICK himself call you or someone you know and have a recording of the moment to last a lifetime!

Want to hear how KopSHTICK is feeling? Want to tell him how you are feeling? Want him to tell you a d’var Torah? Sing you a song? Read the weather for Cambodia? Tell you a hillarious joke about the parsha (“What kind of parah has a shidduch date? A redt cow!” Hah!) Remind you to go to traffic court? Give you career advice? Tax advice (unauthorized, but still fun!)? Shidduch advice (keep going! stay! drop it!)? Stock market advice (keep going! stay! drop it!)? Do you want to pitch him an idea? Pitch him someone else’s idea? Want him to wish you happy birthday? Happy Anniversary? Mazal Tov? Happy Groundhogs Day?

Any of these reasons and more are great excuses to get KopShtick to give you a call. Calls limited to 5 minutes and cannot include loshon horah (unless it’s really juicy, ugh, okay fine, no none at all) or KopShtick pretending he’s someone else (though he does a great Rabbi Weber impersonation).

Offer available until KopShtick feels like this is ridiculous (probably around 2025)…  


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